The Masculinity Project:

Men's Growth & Accountability Group


A Powerful Proactive Masculine Mastermind Group offering a safe dynamic to explore vulnerability, healing, and life creation with a group of supportive non judgmental men that also provide a measure of accountability for being who we say we want to be.


This Group begins March of every year and runs 7 months with 7 online zoom group meets and 7 individual mentoring sessions with a Strategic Intervention Transformational Coach. Plus One Day Online Retreat!

This group requires a protective created energy, so if you believe you may be a match for this group please schedule a Free 20 minute quick session with Scott to begin application process.


The cost of this mentoring program is either one time payment of $1399 (or) 8 monthly payments of $199, and either way, an ironclad commitment of group session time. Individual Coaching costs more but a part of the payment of this group is recognizing the value of men showing up for men!



Something magical happens when you get a group of people together and facilitate it with world class mentoring. My good friend, Dr. Robert Pope, a fairly talented healer called it the Morphogenic Field, where energy transformed for one becomes available to the entire group. Shifts in understanding through perceptional observation allows access to  Rapid ransformations. Some people call it the 100th Monkey Theory. I know as a somatic trauma therapist I've seen over and over again in group dynamics where the expression and vulnerability by one opened up an understanding and a healing for another.

Studies on the modality EFT with Veterans with similar trauma stories showed 80% no longer meet the criteria for symptoms of PTSD after six group processing sessions. That is some pretty rapid radical transformation. Describe it with mirror neurons or just the emphatic nature of being a human being but vulnerability is the great connector and to normalize that in a supportive group environment is a recipe for magic and transformation. Did you know that the number one reason why counseling, any  type of counseling works, is because an individual feels understood? The magic of a group is it provides a safe place to crack open, reflect, grow, and integrate new understandings all in a supportive environment where everyone wants a win for you!


Your Coaches:

Scott Austin Martin

Transformation Coach

Jake Cardwell

Life Architect /Fitness Guru