A New Path Begins...

Knowing where we come from and having an idea of where we want to go is the first stages of necessary discovery that leads to transformation, awakening, and integration. Anything never discussed is never addressed. What we resist persists. Isn't it time to stop being only surface deep? Isn't it time to heal the heartbreak of not living an authentic life?

  • SAFE



Relationship Transformation Coaching


is a Proactive Journey based on a combination of science based relationship understandings of:

  • Gottman Therapeutic Approach (7 Principles for Making a Marriage Work)
  • Emotion Focused Couples Therapy (Attachment Theory)
  • Human Needs Psychology 


Paired with an understanding of:

  • The Mechanisms of Relationship involved with Energy Characteristics (Masculine/Feminine) Polarity Interactions
  • Complimentary Wounds (Trauma bonding).

Proactive Relationship Coaching can quickly identify some of the reasons why you came together in the first place, what strategies can enact change quickly and then more importantly what needs to be healed for long term transformation.