Being Here Now

Namaste & Welcome!


Hi, I'm Scott Austin Martin, M.A., LPC, Mindfulness-Meditation-Presence Instructor, Somatic Processing Therapist, and Strategic  Intervention Transformation Coach. Traditional counseling has failed most of my clients who are ready to stop "being stuck". They're ready to stop the generational trauma trains they've been riding, unwind the subconscious childhood conditionings, and heal from romantic emotional wounding that appears to either continue or play out in similar ways over and over again or worse in relationships. My clients have a hunger to begin the journey of understanding the mechanisms that have created where they are now, and learn how to PROCESS and engage in STRATEGY to rapidly shift energy dynamics in new ways to create the life of their greatest version of themselves. It's time for:

YOU to Melt into the AUTHENTIC YOU! 




     Like most healers I come from a background of trauma. There are patterns that I now teach about that I lived and was stuck in. My life path created an enormous amount of suffering and pain. Suffering is a choice we have to process and Pain is always a guide that will help us see that choice, we simply have to understand how to use it as such. Call it karma, call it blessing, but every time I was in need of healing or a new perception, it seems synchronistically what I needed fell right in front of me exactly when I needed it. I've been incredibly blessed to have studied with some of the world's most enlightened teachers and mentors.

     I hope I am falling in front of you in the same way now as well. When the student is ready the teacher will appear. That's the way it has consistently worked in my life. It didn't mean I didn't have to work for melting into my own authenticity, I did. But my history, and dare I say my super power revolves around curiosity. I've always been strongly drawn to figuring out how things work. Not because we need fixing. We are normally exactly where we are for all the right reasons and we are the ones that created it. That simple understanding can potentially shift mountains in that we begin to stop working so hard to fix and begin allowing and receiving our authentic nature to emerge.. Normally healing involves gaining a new perspective (new information/new energy) so that we can see the light that we actually are, melt the illusions that are blocking us from self realization and the ability to create the best version of ourselves in this lifetime. I can't wait to share a new way of being with you.

Pillars of Coaching

Practice of Presence

Meditation is a requirement for enlightenment. The wonderment begins when we experience that the realization that learning how to cultivate silence allows our energetic intelligences to be rewired. Beginner's mind: there is more going on in the silence than we think, literally. Individual's that think they struggle with meditation just need a systematic approach geared towards them.

Somatic Processing

Shifting the way the body is holding onto our explicit and implicit arousal cycles to reclaim defensive mechanisms and melt into a state of FLOW. Unwinding the imprints of generational, childhood, and past emotional life wounding/blocks/traumas. Digesting the density of our lives to dissipate into expansiveness and body felt freedom.


Energetic Strategic  interventions examine what's working, what's not working, and to choose and create what's next. Once we eliminate the noise, what's left creates clear distinctions of choice, which is how the universe creates. Understanding how to measure, how to perceive in new ways to create movement and flow we just couldn't see or feel before.