The Five Elements Process

The Five Elements Process is a profound and powerful sadhana (meditation practice) for purifying the illusions around the soul, healing the mind and heart, and connecting us to the energy flowing through creation.

The Five Elements Process is a foundational practice upon which all other Sai Shakti systems taught are built. These mantras and practices awaken divine channels within by purifying then charging the five elements within your body. Once these are activated, it creates a permanent connection to the divine energies flowing in and around us at all times for many lifetimes.

The Five Elements Process is a meditation practice where you will learn powerful mantras associated with each of the elements - earth, fire, sky, water, and air. The meditation practice consists of chanting these mantras while interacting in some way with that particular element, for example, chanting the water mantra in a body of water.

When a master awakens the spiritual energy in a student, the hidden mechanism causing the awakening is the Five Elements energy.

The benefits of this practice include unlocking one's consciousness, quieting the mind, developing profound peace and stillness, and healing of physical and mental ailments.