MBSR is an 8-week stress reduction program teaching mindfulness meditation and awareness practices that have been shown to dramatically decrease stress and improve well -being for individuals with a wide range of conditions and concerns. The benefits of MBSR and mindfulness training are far-reaching and have been supported by more than 30 years of published research.

What does this mean for you? MBSR offers  practical methods to help you:

  • Stop adding more stress to your life through coping strategies that don’t work, such as procrastination, using distractions and other behaviors that just make matters worse in the long run
  •  Feel better physically through improved sleep, reduced physical stress, and by meeting pain, illness and change with more ease and equanimity
  •  Improve attention and awareness, reduce the impact of worry and stressful thinking, and support being more present to life’s pleasures and the gifts each day brings
  • Improve the quality of relationships – experiencing a greater sense of connection to self and others – becoming more aware, present and able to be your best self at work, at home and in all the relationships of your life
  • Live more fully into each day – with increased confidence, resilience and an ability to meet life on its own terms – connecting to the beauty and possibility of each moment, even in difficult times

Participating in an MBSR class is an effective way to develop your own inner resources to live each day with more balance and equanimity. While the seeds of mindfulness live in each one of us – cultivating those seeds takes practice and support.

What  are the classes like? The 8-week MBSR class consists of eight weekly, two-hour and 30 minute sessions, and one day-long class/retreat. Each class includes periods of guided practice, discussion, exercises to develop attention and awareness, and information about how mindfulness benefits the brain and the body to become more resilient to stress.Classes take place in a comfortable, relaxed and supportive setting. The mindfulness practices taught in class include periods of sitting on a chair (0r on a cushion if you prefer), lying down, slow walking, and gentle stretching movements.  All materials are provided and there are a variety of options to support your practice including chairs, cushions and yoga mats available on site.

What mindfulness skills will I learn? During the eight weeks, participants learn a variety of mindfulness meditation practices and explore many informal ways of bringing mindfulness into daily life. In addition to working with each of the practices, there is ample time for questions and discussion. The practices taught during the course include:

  •  The Body Scan Meditation
  • Mindful Yoga (gentle stretching)
  • Sitting Meditation
  • Walking Meditation
  • Exercises to increase mindful awareness in daily life

What about physical conditions or mobility limitations? People participate in MBSR classes with a wide range in mobility – practices can be adapted to accommodate most physical conditions and limitations.  Participants are encouraged to adjust practice postures whenever necessary, and your instructor will work with you to adapt any of the methods as needed. Chairs, yoga mats, cushions, and blankets are available for use during class sessions, and you are also welcome to bring your own props or cushions to provide optimal support for your practice. You’ll also receive audio recordings and written materials to guide and support your daily practice between class sessions.