Transformation Process Coaching

1:1 Coaching is a Five Month Journey of Discovery, Transformation, Awakening, and Integration.


     Coaching is an amazing journey of Discovery, Transformation, Awakening, and Integration that can generally be divided up into categories of PRESENCE, PROCESS, and STRATEGY and may not necessarily be a linear progression.Your coach will co-create a path (System) for you based on what shows up in your Focus, your Language, and your Structure (The Way You're Holding Your Story).


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Deep Dive Session

A Deep Dive Session is an Initial phase of discovery sessionwhere we visit the explicit aspects of suffering and/or blocks you know you wish to address. In a session there will be mindful inquiry that assists in setting the stage on what is possible for you. A single session can be very helpful in understanding what can be next. A Deep Dive session is scheduled for 90 minutes but may last up to 120.

Initial Session Cost: $299


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A 5 month personal transformational journey

Soma~Ananda is a 1:1 Coaching program customized to condition, process, and create new life strategy with a plethora of presence/being, somatic processing, and intervention strategies/modalities. The curriculum is YOU and what shows up in your Focus, Language, and Structure during our  journey together. This 1:1 program meets twice a month for a total of 10 sessions and provides the time to digest.

This Coaching Journey requires an initial Deep Dive session. See Above Cost $299


5 Month Journey Cost: $2,990

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