Shadow Work / Parts Work

Based on the theories of Carl Jung, Shadow Work (or) Parts Work is a therapeutic methodology for having a conversation, negotiation, and integration of the archetypical aspects of our personality and human development. The abstract human mind is a wonderfully creative instrument that can be used to channel aspects of ourselves that may get overshowdoed or even buried beneath programming /conditioning of our culture, childhood, or societal expectations. We wear many roles and often it can seem subconsciously that we are at War with ourselves. Parts Work offers a safe space and a path to explore and understand as well as potentially resolve long standing incoherent polarities within ourselves that may have created defense mechanisms and/or blocks originally meant to protect us but now hinder our growth and connection to life. There is an expression that it is easy to manifest whatever you want as long as you get all the rowers in your rowboat rowing in the same direction.