Clearing the Past and Creating the Future

Emotional Freedom Technique is an empirically based therapy treatment that utilizes the felt sense of intensity within the body to process the physicality of how we hold many thoughts and emotions. For instance, common experiences in heartache have strong associations with specific sensations such as muscle tightness in the chest, increased heart rate, abnormal stomach activity, and shortness of breath. Thoughts and specific traumatic memories can often be held a specific way in relation to how the autonomic nervous system feels. The main component of this type of therapy is the aspect that if we can reduce the physical intensity in the body associated with mental and emotional suffering, it allows for an immediate shift in the way we hold those thoughts and memories. Not only can we use this to truly put down the pain of the past, we can proactively utilize it to bust through internal blocks in moving towards our life goals and dreams.


EFT is a combination of exposure therapy, cognitive set ups, combined with acupressure and other physical stimulation in a way that identifies and reduces body intensity. The result is an effective treatment that offers immediate relief to triggers of anxiety, stress, and phobias.

 I am a Level 3 trained EFT Practitioner, and have been using EFT professionally to Clear the past and Create the future.  I offer “EFT Only” sessions as my schedule allows.  These are sessions where you decide what you want to clear or create and I skillfully lead you through tapping rounds specific to your beliefs and experiences.  Unlike generic tapping scripts, which are certainly helpful, working with a practitioner allows you to target the real issue with much more precision and effective results.

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